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If you have a particular passion, let me know what it is and I’ll build a tour around your interest. Please note that all admission fees are not covered by the guiding feee and in some instances will need to be booked in advance. 

Royal London (half or full day)

We explore the parts of London associated most closely with the Royal Family. We will take in the Guard Change either at Buckingham Palace or Horseguards Parade or potentially both! We will walk along the Mall to take in the Palaces and homes of the Royal family including Buckingham Palace, Clarence House and St James’s Palace. En route we’ll see the remnants of Henry VIII’s sprawling Tudor Palace of Whitehall. We can go and visit the Royal Mews to admire the Royal carriages including the amazing State Coach used for the Coronation and we can admire some of the horses still used today on magnificent State occasions. We take a short journey across Hyde Park to visit the historic Kensington Palace where Queen Victoria was born and where there is an exhibition devoted to Princess Diana and her fabulous collection of haute couture gowns. Full day extensions can include visits to Royal Greenwich and the Tower of London.

Shakespeare's London (Half day)

William Shakespeare spent much of his adult life in London and almost certainly wrote most of his plays here. His legacy looms large in London and there are many sites associated with his life and work to visit. Our tour starts in the atmospheric Temple on the margins of the City of London. London’s legal profession has been based here for centuries but Shakespeare was here too and we will follow in his footsteps. Our journey takes us through the winding streets and alleys of the City of London to the places he lived and worked during the reign of Gloriana (Elizabeth 1). We venture across the River Thames across the Millenium Bridge to Southwark and the South Bank where Sam Wanamaker’s magnificently reproduced version of Shakespeare’s Globe theatre stands proud. We’ll also go and visit the site of his actual theatre. Southwark and nearby Borough are buzzing places with great places to stop for a coffee. For foodies, Borough Market is the place to end up for some lunch or to buy something delicious to eat at your leisure.

Harry Potter tour (Half day)

We all love Harry Potter and there are loads of places to see in London that you’ll recognise from the big screen. It’s my job to get you round to see all the sites without the use of a Nimbus 2000! As with all magical mystery tours, some of our destinations must remain top secret, but I can promise you that among many stops, we will see Platform 9 and 3 quarters, Gringotts Bank, and the entrances to the Ministry of Magic and Diagon Alley. For this tour we will need to make extensive use of the "muggles only" transport system (London Underground) as the Hogwarts Express is currently somewhere between Kings Cross and the famous school of witchcraft and wizardry. We might also get on a (Knight) bus or two. Now where did I put my wand?

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